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How to anonymize a person in a future event
How to anonymize a person in a future event

Learn how to anonymize a person who exists in a future event.

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How do I anonymize a person in a future event?

The manual anonymization of a person in a future event can change your event data. To minimize the impact on your event information, there are some steps that need to be taken before you can anonymize this person and delete their data.

If the attendee is registered in one or more events with end dates in the future, they must be both "Cancelled" and have the payment status of "Paid" in order to anonymize. These two checks prevent an unknown person from occupying capacities and attendee lists. More importantly, it confirms that no money is outstanding; such as cancellation fees or overpaid balances.

This process can take two days to complete, as manual anonymization is not possible on a person that has been changed on the same day.

Anonymize a person in a future event

  1. As a user, you must have the role function "Anonymize Personal Information" to be able to anonymize a person

  2. Visit the 'Personal details' page for that person 

  3. Select the future event from the 'Registered Events' section on the 'Personal Details' page

  4. Balance the record so the payment status is paid (by applying a payment/refund)

  5. Repeat the steps for any other future events that this person is registered for

  6. The following day you will be ready to use the Anonymize button on the 'Personal Details' page

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