User roles can be created to manage and restrict access for your Eventsforce users. Users can be limited to menu options and features that are necessary for them.

Roles are made up of a series of functions that reflect the menus and menu items in Eventsforce. Menu items will not be displayed if the relevant function is not added to the role. Watch the video below for a walkthrough on creating a user role and assigning to a user (written instructions below):

Creating a new user role

  1. Go to System Settings > Security > Roles
  2. Click "+" (Add) to create a new role
  3. Enter a name for the role and click "Save"
  4. Change the "Show" dropdown to "All" to view all functions
  5. Select one or multiple functions you want to add to the user role
  6. Click the "Tools" dropdown and click "Activate..."
  7. Click "Save" once all functions have been added

To change the functions in an existing role click the 'edit' icon next to a role then follow steps 4 through 7 above.

Adding a Role to a UserĀ 

To create a new user:

  1. Go to System Settings > Security > User Profiles
  2. Click "+" (Add) to create a new user
  3. Enter the contact details for your user
  4. Find and select one or more roles from the "Roles" field
  5. Choose an "event access group" from the "Event access groups" field
  6. Click "Save"

The user will be sent a welcome email and they will appear at the bottom of the list of users in the 'Users' panel.

If the user already exists:

  1. Click the 'edit' icon
  2. Select one or more roles from the "Roles" field
  3. Click "Save"
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