Additional users can be added to your account in order to delegate specific duties. Users will have access to the admin portal of Eventsforce with access granted by their user role.  For more information on user roles, see How to set up user roles.

Any administrator or a user with access to the security menu item on the admin portal of Eventsforce will have the ability to set up users.

Adding users

  1. Go to System Settings (cog icon) > Security > Users
  2. Click the "+" (Add) button
  3. Enter the contact details for the user (First name, Last name, Email address)
  4. Select the 'Role(s)' to assign to the user
  5. Select the 'Event access group(s)' to assign to the user
  6. Click "Save"


  • Once a user is added, an email with login details will be sent to the email address specified during setup
  • 'Events Access Groups' control which events the user can access
  • Eventsforce recommends having at least two "administrators'" with full access to the the admin portal
  • The allotted number of users for your account is determine as part of your Eventsforce license, contact your account manager to add more users

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