This guide will explain the technical setup required that will allow event managers to set up single event domains for an event website in order to maintain branding.

Each event can have one website address allocated to the event so when the website address is entered, the Eventsforce event website will be displayed.

Note: A single event domain cannot be used in combination with the setting "Event website is also invitation-only". These combination of settings are only allowed when a custom account domain is used.

Search engines will be able to index all the contents of the site except the pages that require a secure connection (HTTPS/SSL - these are mainly pages related to the registration process). For each page there is a way to enter keywords and a description that some search engines may display under the page name in their search results. There is an option to disallow search engines access to the site.

The search engine indexes the links that are using the event website links e.g. or Thus, when searching for the domain name using a search engine, the results should return the Home and Venue links.

How to Set Up a Site

Items in italics in the instructions below need replacing with your domain name.

Step 1:

Purchase your domain (example:

Step 2:

Point the web address of the domain to the Eventsforce servers. To do this you have to create a CNAME entry as follows (do not point this to an IP address as the IP address will change): -> CNAME ->

Step 3:

Test the web address is correctly set up as follows:


You should see the same IP address for both of these. If not then the CNAME is not set up correctly. This can take up to 24 hours depending on your DNS settings. If this is not working, then the website will not work.

Step 4:

This set up process must be completed correctly before the backend administrators setup the SEO features in the event.

Inform your events team the setup is complete.

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