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Eventsforce Support Service

What you need to know about Eventsforce support and their availability.

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Eventsforce will provide support services to the Customer 24 hours a day Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Extended cover for weekends or public holidays can be arranged separately and is available on a chargeable, ad-hoc basis. The Customer should contact their allocated Business Development Manager to arrange this, giving at least 3 weeks notice.

Issue Prioritization

All issues passed to Eventsforce will have an initial priority set by the Customer. This will then be reviewed and may be revised by Eventsforce and the Customer. Eventsforce will communicate any change in priority to the Customer. The following table defines whether the issue is critical or non-critical:

*This does not include incorrect basket prices as a result of incorrect pricing set up.

Target Response Times

Eventsforce aim to meet the following response times during business hours:

Business Critical

This status is reserved for critical support issues.

We aim to respond to critical issues within 1 business hour. All critical issues will then be assigned the highest priority and will have resources allocated to them immediately. A regular status update will be available by telephone, email, or through the support portal.

Non-Business Critical

We aim to respond to non-critical issues within 8 business hours. All non-critical issues will be queued and assigned to the next available resource(s) as it becomes available. A regular status update will be available by telephone, email, or through the support portal.

Initial Response

Upon receipt of notification of a problem from the Customer, Eventsforce will acknowledge receipt to the Customer, and agree the priority of the problem.

Status Update

Once a problem has been acknowledged, Eventsforce will provide a regular progress update by email or telephone.


Following investigation of the query from the Customer, Eventsforce will provide a course of action to either solve problems or conclude queries as appropriate to the type of query.

Contact Details

The quickest way to contact support is via chat, but support requests can also be logged via telephone and email. All named users have access to our chat and Help Centre.


To start a chat with one of our technical support specialists, simply log into Eventsforce and click on the chat icon located on the bottom right of your screen. You can also use the search tool here to access our comprehensive Help Centre.



UK Support: +44 (0)20 3868 5338

US Support: +1 213-269-4914

APAC Support: +61 7 3177 7234

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