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How to configure Salesforce field mapping
How to configure Salesforce field mapping

Learn how to link Eventsforce fields to Salesforce.

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When Salesforce has been enabled in your account, you have control over which fields can be mapped to Salesforce. Use field mapping to pass custom registration questions over to Salesforce. 

Customize Salesforce field mappings

Using field mapping, you are able to select which information from your Eventsforce registration will be transferred to the appropriate Salesforce fields. 

Go to System Settings > Salesforce > Field Mappings.

Email, firstname and lastname cannot be changed, as these are required identifiers in both systems.

You can, however, add and delete any other field for leads and contacts.

Tip: Address lines 1, 2 and 3 will map to Salesforce ‘Street’

Mapped fields will only be available in Eventsforce if they have the attributes of 'Question: Available to all events' AND 'Answers: Apply to all events'

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