Once a registration question has been added to Eventsforce, you can add that same question to other events without having to re-create it. 

Tip: To prevent duplicate database items, we always recommend searching for an existing question before adding a new one.

Watch the video below for a walkthrough on adding an existing registration question to your event (written instructions below):

Adding an existing registration question

  1. Go to Website > Content > Registration pages
  2. Click to "Edit" the registration page that should contain your question
  3. Hover over 'Add here' and select "Registration Question"
  4. Click "Select from list" to view a dropdown of all existing database items OR begin typing the database item name
  5. Select the database item from the dropdown box or select the existing database item from the matching results
  6. Customize the question as needed (changing the question text, making the question mandatory, etc)
  7. Click "Save"

Tip: If the question is available to all events and you change the answer alternatives, your changes will reflect in all events using this question. Look for the warning below:

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