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How to create event access groups

Learn how to add event access groups to restrict user access.

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Managing user access to particular events is made simple by creating event access groups. Read more about event access groups.

Adding the event access group user role function

The ability to create and edit event access groups is a role function that will need to be enabled in order to use the functionality. To activate:

  1. Go to System settings (cog icon) > Security > Roles

  2. Select your role and click “Edit”

  3. In the 'Access Rights' section, change the 'Show:' drop-down to "All"

  4. Search for “Event Access Groups”

  5. Select the row and from the 'Tools' menu select “Activate”

  6. Log out and log back in for changes to take effect

Creating event access groups

Once activated, the option 'Event Access Groups' will appear under System settings > Security, granting you the ability to create event access groups.  To create a group:

  1. Go to System settings > Security > Event Access Groups

  2. Select the 'Create new' icon (+) to create a group.

  3. Input a name for the group

  4. Click "Add"

Adding groups to groups

You can edit a group to nest other groups inside it as subgroups:

  1. Select the group you wish to add other groups to

  2. Click the edit button or from the tool menu select “Edit…”

  3. Search-as-you-type for the group name and select it to add it to the 'Contains' list

  4. When you have finished adding groups select "Change"

Tip: The horizontal line in the checkbox indicates that a group is only a member of some of your selected groups. 

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