Once event access groups have been added to your Eventsforce account and assigned to events, you will want to assign events access groups to users.

The event access group a user is assigned will determine which events they are able to access.

Adding users to event access groups individually

Users can be added to event access groups individually, or in bulk using the same process. This is a property of each user. Adding users to groups:

  1. Go to System Setting > Security > Users
  2. Click to 'Edit' a user
  3. In the "Event access groups:" field, begin typing the name of the event access group or click the field to view a dropdown of groups
  4. Select one or more groups to assign to the user
  5. Click "Save"

Adding users to event access groups in bulk

The bulk assigning of event access groups is done by selecting one or more users from the list of users:

  1. Go to System Setting > Security > Users
  2. Select one or more users (hold "CRTL" or "Command" to select more than one)
  3. Use the 'Tools' dropdown and select “Change event access groups…”
  4. In the popup, select the checkboxes to add or remove event access groups

Tip: The horizontal line checkbox indicates that only some of the users are assigned the group. 

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