In this webinar (password: Efclient25), we explore additional features that we've added to session management, with a focus on the draft and publish features.

Below is a list of topics that were covered:

  1. Can I create draft sessions for my program?

  2. Improved program agenda

  3. Importing sessions in bulk

  4. Can I stop attendees booking sessions that overlap?

  5. Changing the look and feel of your agenda using CSS

The webinar also demonstrates that booked sessions can be added into email and badge templates using the tag {{ATTENDEEITINERARY}}.

Font styles and colors can be added to the tag in emails. Below are examples of the tag with different styles.

Styles added to the tag in an email template

Styles added to the tag in a badge template

Tip: Select the option "Wrap text:" to force the sessions into a list.

To view the webinar you will need the password: Efclient25 

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