How to record attendance for days and sessions

Learn how to manually record attendance at your event.

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Event managers have the ability to record attendance against days and sessions within Eventsforce and report on this information. This is standard functionality available in all registration events. Attendance recording can be done in real time at your event, or at a later date. 

Note: Attendance recording is not available for “Guests” in Eventsforce. Only “Delegates” with a registration can be marked as ‘Attended’. 

Recording attendance for days

  1. Go to People > Attendance > Days 

  2. Using the ‘Day’ drop-down, select the day you want to record attendance for

  3. Adjust the ‘Show’ drop-down to view “Expected” or “All” attendees

  4. Select the “Attended” toggle switch to mark someone as “Attended”

Note: The date/time stamp is the exact date and time the person was marked as “Attended”. If recording attendance at a later date, the date/time may not be used. 

Recording attendance for sessions

  1. Go to People > Attendance > Sessions

  2. Choose a session from the left side panel

  3. Adjust the ‘Show’ drop-down to view “Expected” or “All” attendees

  4. Select the “Attended” toggle switch to mark someone as “Attended”

Marking attendance for walk-ins

Event managers can mark someone as attended for a day or session, even if that attendee did not register for that day or session, we consider these “walk-ins”. Marking a “walk-in” as attended does not add the day or session to their registration, but will mark them as attended. This means the cost of registration will not change based on marking someone as attended. 

Note: If you do not want to mark walk-ins as “attended”, we would recommend adjusting the ‘Show’ drop-down to view “Expected” attendees only. 


  • Attendance data can be imported at any point in time

  • Event managers can report on who has attended directly from the “Attendance recording” pages or by using a ‘Search’ or ‘Report’

  • Marking a “walk-in” as “Attended” does not add that day or session to their registration (and does not update registration cost)

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