How to record attendance using the API

Learn how you can use the API to record attendance for your event.

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Attendees arriving at your event with their e-ticket can be scanned using your own security system. If the attendee has arrived for the right event on the right day, it will inform the office security system to give them access and at the same time mark their record as having attended that day of the conference.

Pushing attendance data to Eventsforce

Data on attendees at your events may available to other online systems or applications via the Eventsforce API (Application Programming Interface). It is possible to post back attendance information to Eventsforce.

If you are using another system for person identification or access control, your developers can build an integration whereby a person can be looked up to establish their registration into an event, day or session. Their record in Eventsforce can then be marked as attended. 

Note: Attendance recording via the API cannot be done for guests

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