Event planners can customize the Eventsforce Kiosk app design that will appear to attendees on-site. Customizations include changing the app text that is displayed, along with the app color and images.

The Eventsforce Kiosk can also be used in landscape mode when set to lookup attendees by QR code only.

This article will cover the following:

Kiosk layouts

Portrait orientation

By default the Eventsforce Kiosk will be used in portrait orientation where the camera is located at the bottom (home button/charging port on top). In this instance, the iPad should be placed “upside down” in the iPad holder.

Landscape Orientation

The Kiosk app can also be used in landscape orientation. In landscape mode, the camera is forced on the right side of the iPad while the Home button is located on the left. When in landscape mode, no footer image will be displayed.

Changing the app text

Event planners can change the “Welcome title” that appears on your Eventsforce Kiosk app as well as the error message. Both can be changed by taking the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup > On-site > Kiosk Settings

  2. Locate and edit the “Welcome title” text within the ‘App Text’ panel

  3. Locate and edit the “Generic error message” text within the ‘App Text’ panel

  4. Notice the “Preview” on the right updates as you make changes

  5. Click “Save”

The “Welcome title” is an optional field and will appear at the top of your EF Kiosk app using the event name by default.

The generic error message may trigger for a few different reasons, read more here. You can customize this text to make it more specific. The default text suggests the user try again or contact an event organizer.

Note: A generic error message is used as a way of getting attendees out of the queue where their issues can be dealt with by an event manager. Most common reasons for this error include; badge already printed, or the QR code/check-in code is invalid.

Customizing app graphics

Event planners have further control over the Eventsforce Kiosk app design that attendees will see. This allows you to maintain your company branding by specifying your own theme color (applies to welcome text, buttons, links, and scanner guidelines), and banner and footer images. Take the below steps to locate these options:

  1. Go to Setup > On-site > Kiosk Settings

  2. Locate the ‘App Design’ panel

  3. Specify a ‘Theme color’ and upload your banner (PNG file, 1536 x 400 pixels) and footer (PNG file, 1536 x 150 pixels) images (if any)

  4. Click “Save” when done

Viewing app changes

If making changes to the Kiosk app while the app is open on your device, you will need to refresh the app to view those changes. There are a few options for updating the app:

  • Scan your admin QR code to open the ‘Admin screen’, then tap “Start”

  • Triple tap the top banner area and enter your ‘Admin QR code PIN’, then tap “Start”

  • Close and re-open the Kiosk app


  • The ‘Footer image’ will not display when Kiosk is set to landscape display

  • Banner and footer images are not required but are recommended for best display

  • Remove an uploaded image using the ‘Trash’ icon near the bottom right of an uploaded image

  • Be sure to use an image with the exact dimensions and file type for successful upload

  • Banner image requirements: PNG file, 1536 x 400 pixels

  • Footer image requirements: PNG file, 1536 x 150 pixelsOther articles you may find useful:

Other articles you may find useful:

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