One of the key advantages of using the Eventsforce Mobile product is that it easily links the data in your event to your event app. The "Event Data Integrator" is the module within the MCM that does this. The event data integrator can pass the following information into your app:

  • Basic event properties
  • Attendees and their selected sessions
  • Sessions
  • Presenters

For an attendee's data to be transferred and available in your event app, they must opt in to using the app on your event's registration page.

Configuring the event data integrator

  1. In your Eventsforce account, create an API user and generate an API Key. Please refer to the Setting up an API user and key article for further information
  2. Click on the "Event Data Integrator" tile within the MCM dashboard
  3. Enter your organization’s Eventsforce account name (if testing, this may be your sandbox account)
  4. Enter the API Key of the user you created earlier
  5. Enter the Event ID
  6. Select what information gets updated:
  • Event Info - select this box to update event name, start date/time, end date/time, timezone
  • Sessions & Speakers - select this box to update sessions and speakers
  • Attendees - select this box when you are ready to import attendee data

   7. You can configure the schedule for importing data (see below), or click "Import" to pull through the current information

   8. Leave the "Ignore event validation" checkbox unticked unless you are advised otherwise

   9. Click "Exit" to return to the MCM dashboard

Configuring the automatic data import schedule

  1. Click on the "Event Data Integrator" tile within the MCM dashboard
  2. Check all the required fields have been completed and set correctly and click "Schedule Import"
  3. Select the start and end dates and times (dates are displayed in mm/dd/yyyy format)
  4. Select the frequency of the automatic import
  5. Select the "Turn on schedule data import?" checkbox to activate the schedule. The import schedule will not run if this is not selected.
  6. Click "Save Schedule" then click "Exit"


  • Data is only transferred from your Eventsforce account to your event app (one way integration)
  • If using the "Schedule import", session data will not update once sessions have been imported. To push sessions changes to your event app, use the "Import" option, then "Publish" those changes
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