All event sessions should be created and managed within the Eventsforce event. Sessions and presenters can then be pulled into the Eventsforce app using the "Event Data Integrator".

Sessions in the Eventsforce mobile app will display on your agenda using a 12 hour time format using AM/PM. 

Importing sessions from Eventsforce

When configuring the event data integrator, you can specify whether or not sessions and speakers should be imported. Follow the steps below to import:

  1. Select to the "Event Data Integrator" tile from the MCM dashboard
  2. Select the checkbox to "Import sessions & speakers"
  3. Click "Import"

Note: if you are using the "scheduled import", the sessions will not automatically update. If changes are made to sessions in Eventsforce, you must manually click "Import" to push those changes into the Eventsforce mobile app.

It is not recommended to make changes to your program sessions from within the MCM.

Please be aware that any changes you make within the MCM will not update your Eventsforce event.

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