Push notifications are the best and quickest way to engage your attendees. These notifications will appear within the app and, if enabled, the device’s notification center and lock screen.

A push notification message has two parts:

  • Subject - shows when the notification displays on the device and in the notification list
  • Message - shows when the user opens the message

Ensure the "Push Notifications" module has been enabled. 

Sending a push notification

First, check that the "Push Notifications" module is active within the Design Manager & Theme tile. Read more about how to activate and deactivate modules in the MCM.

  1. From the MCM dashboard, select "Push Notifications" from the left hand menu
  2. Enter the subject of the message (100 character limit)
  3. Enter the message (no character limit)
  4. To send the notification immediately, click "Send Notification"
  5. To schedule the notification, select the "Schedule this notification" checkbox and specify the date and time, based on the 'Location Time Zone' specified in the setup
  6. You can view sent notifications and edit or cancel scheduled notifications in the list at the bottom of this page


  • If no time zone has been set, push notifications will not work. To check this, click on the "Event Setup" tile in the MCM dashboard
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