The Eventsforce mobile app allows you to share a variety of maps, such as location, venue and event areas (example: exhibition). There are five types of map you can add; driving directions, image map, interactive map, pin point map, and text directions.

Adding a map

  1. Check that the "Maps" module is active. See "How to enable and disable modules" for further assistance
  2. From the MCM dashboard, select the "Maps" module from the left-hand menu
  3. Click on the “+” icon in the 'Map List' section
  4. Enter a map title
  5. Select the map type you require, then reference the appropriate instructions below

Driving Directions

Driving directions uses Google Maps to help your attendees navigate to your event. The "Event Location" specified in the initial event setup is the default destination address (you can check this within the "Event Setup" tile). If you wish, an alternative destination address can be specified here. We recommend that you only specify an origin address if you know where your attendees will be traveling from. 

To make changes to the origin or destination addresses:

  1. Enter the address details accurately and in full
  2. Click "Save & Finish"

Image Map

An image map can be used to share relevant maps with your attendees, such as local transport, venue, and hotel maps. When adding a map:

  1. Browse for the image file on your computer
  2. Upload the selected file
  3. Click "Save & Finish"

Interactive Map

An interactive map can be used to show and link the location of rooms and booths with sessions, exhibitors, and sponsors.

  1. Select if the map you are creating contains "Rooms" or "Booths"
  2. Browse for the image file on your computer (Image dimension: 1000px–2500px x 1000px–2500px (range). PNG/JPEG/JPG Only))
  3. Upload the selected file. The image will appear within the 'Map Image' section, you may find it helpful to zoom in/out
  4. Click on the green “+” icon within the 'Map Image' section to start adding new areas
  5. Click once in the top-left corner of the area you wish to mark, followed by the bottom-right corner of the area. You will see the area marked with a red border and a number in the top-left corner - this is the area’s 'Image Map Area'. Hold "Shift" to force a square, release to create a rectangle.
  6. In the 'Image Map Area' section, select the correct room/booth from the dropdown list. To add more rooms/booths, navigate to the MCM dashboard and click on the "Location & Room Setup" tile
  7. To delete an area, select it from the list, and click on the red “-” icon within the 'Image Map' section
  8. Click "Save & Finish"

Pin Point Map

Similar to driving directions, a pin point map shows a Google Map with the specified location as a pin. You can create a map with a single pin point address by doing the following:

  1. Select "Pin Point Map" as your 'Map Type'
  2. Enter the address details accurately and in full
  3. Click "Save & Finish"

Text Directions

You can add text and images to further help attendee:

  1. Select "Text Directions" as the 'Map Type'
  2. Enter the text, images, and links using the text editor
  3. Select "Save & Finish"
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