Information about your event sponsors can be added to your event app. You can also add sponsor logos to a rotating sponsor banner at the bottom of your event app.

Adding and editing sponsors

Ensure the "Sponsors" module is active within the "Design Manager & Theme" tile. Read more about "How to enable and disable modules within the MCM".

  1. From the MCM dashboard, select the "Sponsors" module on the left
  2. To add a new sponsor, click the “+” icon from the 'Sponsor List' section
  3. Enter a sponsor name (required) and any other data (optional)
  4. Sponsors can be grouped together by selecting a "Sponsor Type" from the dropdown list or click "Add Type" to add a new sponsor type
  5. Select the "Display Rotating Sponsor Banner" check box to include this sponsor logo in the rotating sponsor banner  
    Note: make sure to add a logo in the 'Image & Documents' tab
  6. Choose an action to take when a user taps the logo in the app (visit sponsor profile page, visit website, or do nothing)
  7. Click "Save & Next" to navigate to the next tab
  8. You can add additional information and social media details in the 'More Info' and 'Social Info' tabs
  9. A sponsor logo (required if displaying in the rotating sponsor banner) can be uploaded on the 'Image & Documents' tab
  10. Click "Save & Finish" to complete
  11. Use the pencil icon to edit a sponsor. Use the red cross icon to remove a sponsor

Attendees viewing sponsors in app

Below is a brief demonstration of how exhibitors can be viewed within your app by attendee:

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