Using the 'Document Center', you can publish documents within your event app for your attendees to download. These documents can be made available to the public or protected. Documents can be added directly to the 'Document Center' as well as through the "Event Info", "Session", "Presenter", "Sponsor" and "Exhibitor" modules.

Setting up the document center

Ensure the "Document Center" module is active within the "Design Manager & Theme" tile. Read more about "How to enable and disable modules within the MCM".

  1. From the MCM dashboard, select "Document Center" on the left
  2. Select the 'cog' icon in the top right
  3. Enter your choice of name for the 'Document Center'
  4. Show/hide the tabs containing documents uploaded through other modules by selecting/de-selecting the "Show?" check box and specify new tab names
  5. Select the method by which documents are protected
    Note: This can also be changed within the "Event Setup" tile from the MCM dashboard
  6. Select if documents will be visible, visible to specific groups, or people with specific tags
  7. Click "Save & Continue"

Document protection

Documents can be protected in two ways:

  1. Login Access - user must be logged into the event app to access the document
  2. Code Access - user must enter the 'Download Access Code' to access the document

Adding a document

  1. From the MCM dashboard, select "Document Center" on the left
  2. Enter the "Document Title" on the left hand side
  3. Select "Also Display under Event Info?" to make the document visible in the 'Document Center' and 'Event Info' module within your event app
  4. Select the "Protect this Document" check box to protect the document as preferred
  5. Select "Upload" and choose the file you would like to upload
  6. Select the 'up' arrow button to start the file upload
  7. The file will be added to the file list
    Note: Protected files are displayed with a padlock icon
  8. Use the pencil icon to edit a document. Use the red cross icon to remove a document

When documents are uploaded in different modules, additional tabs are included in the 'Document Center' module within the app.


Document "Add ons" are not currently active.

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