Attendees can use the "Chat" module to find and send messages to other attendees within the Eventsforce mobile app. Once the "Chat" module has been made active in the MCM, no further setup is required. 

If you are using "Attendee groups", your attendees can have a group chat with everyone in the group, as well as individual chats. 

For more information about how to activate the chat module, see "How to enable and disable modules within the MCM".

Chat opt-in for attendees

Attendees must opt-in to chat in order to be visible in the "Chat" module, as well as chat with other attendees.

When an attendee is added to the event, chat will be inactive for them by default. We advise that you inform your attendees that if they wish to participate in chat, they must change their profile settings within the app:

  1. Tap the cog icon in the top-right of the event app menu screen
  2. Switch chat on/off to participate in chat and receive notifications
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