In order for attendees to download and access your event app, they must first download the "Eventsforce" app.  Search for "Eventsforce" in your mobile devices app store.

The "Eventsforce" container app houses apps from various clients using Eventsforce. Once logged in, attendees can view and download any public event apps.  

Eventsforce container app

Once downloaded, the attendee must create an account using their email address, or login to an existing account. The email address for the mobile app account should be the same email as used for registration in the event. The email address will also need to be verified for security reasons, requiring the user to click on a link emailed to them.

Downloading the event app

Once the attendee has logged into their account, they can access "My Events", "Upcoming" events, and "Past" events.

If your event app is available to the public, the attendee can find and download your event on the "Upcoming" tab by searching for the event name or scrolling through the list.

If your event app is restricted by a code, the attendee must click the "Code" box in the top right of the "Upcoming" tab. Upon entering the correct code, your event will appear in the list to download.

Once an event has been downloaded, it can be easily accessed through the "My Events" tab. Swipe a downloaded event to delete.

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