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How to use event anonymization and delete registration audit trail
How to use event anonymization and delete registration audit trail

Learn how you can anonymize all attendees within a past event and delete the registration audit trail.

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One of our tools for "Managing your data retention policy in Eventsforce" is a feature that allows you to anonymize all attendees in an event. In addition, you can delete the registration audit trail for all attendees within the event.

If you are unfamiliar with GDPR and anonymization, we'd recommend first reviewing the below articles/webinar:

Adding the "Event Anonymization" function

The "Event Anonymization" page can only be accessed if the user has "Event Anonymization" as a function against their user role. 

A user with permissions to add/remove role functions can take the below steps to add this feature to an existing user role:

  1. Go to System settings > Security > Roles

  2. Click to 'edit' the user role which should have access

  3. Adjust the 'Show' dropdown to view "All" functions

  4. Search for "Event Anonymization" and select the function

  5. Click the 'Tools' dropdown and select "Activate..."

Using event anonymization

Once the function has been added to the user's role, the "Event Anonymization" page can be accessed by doing the following:

  1. Go to People > Event Anonymization

  2. Click "Anonymize event data..."

Deleting the registration audit trail

Event managers can choose to permanently delete the entire registration audit trail for all attendees within an “archived” or “cancelled” event. After running this process for an event, the registrations themselves will remain unchanged, but the audit trail (normally viewed in the basket page of a registration) will be removed. Take the following steps to delete the registration audit trail:

  1. Go to People > Event Anonymization 

  2. Select “Delete registration audit trail…”

  3. Select “Yes” to confirm (this cannot be undone)

  4. Click “OK” when informed of how many attendees the audit trail was deleted for

  5. The registration audit trail will now be replaced with “The audit trail has been deleted.”

Note: The person profile will not be affected, only the audit trail in the event is deleted. The deletion of the registration audit trail can be used independently of the “event anonymization” tool. 


  • The user must also have access to the "People" function as "Event Anonymization" exists within the "People" menu

  • The user will need to log out and log back in to see changes take effect

  • The "Anonymize event data..." button is only available if the event is in the past and archived, or cancelled

  • Attendees who have registered for a future event will not be anonymized

  • When deleting the registration audit trail, the abstract audit trail will not be deleted

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