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We've released a new version of our on-site check in app! The app was previously named "Eventsforce On-site", but has been renamed to "EF Attendance" in the updated version. In this updated version, we've enhanced functionality and added new features to make your on-site check-in process more efficient.  

Note: EF Attendance v1 (Eventsforce On-site) will still function if you choose not to download the v2 update.

Downloading the EF Attendance app

If you already have "Eventsforce On-site" downloaded to your device, you can simply download the "update" which will rename the app and update to the new version. 

If downloading for the first time, search for "EF Attendance" in your device's app store.

Note:  The EF Attendance app is currently only available for iOS in the App Store.  The app is compatible with all iPads, iPhones, and iPods running iOS 9 or later.

Note: The EF Attendance app is not compatible with the "dark mode" setting on iOS devices.

New features in the EF Attendance app

The new functionality that exists in EF Attendance is as follows:

Improvements in EF Attendance app

Additional improvements have also been made to the existing functionality within the EF Attendance app. Some of the key improvements are as follows:

  • Updated app appearance - app has been redesigned to reflect and represent Eventsforce branding 

  • Redesigned "Settings" screen - improved layout of the 'Settings' screen

  • Reset app settings - ability to reset all app settings and API key from EF Attendance (quickly reset EF Attendance app back to default)

  • Swipe to mark as attended - attendees can be marked as "Attended" in sessions by swiping

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