The EF Attendance app allows for event managers to quickly link EF Attendance to their event simply by scanning an "Admin QR Code" and confirming the "PIN". 

Note: The admin QR code can only be used for app setup if your device is using iOS 10+.  If your device runs iOS 9+, you must use the API key to set up the app.

The event manager must first generate the "Admin QR Code" in Eventsforce, then scan the QR code using the EF Attendance app. Upon scanning, the event manager must confirm the "Admin QR Code PIN" for added security. 

Printing/generating the Admin QR Code

  1. Go to Setup > On-site > Attendance Settings

  2. Click the "Print admin QR code" button in the top left

  3. Either print the QR code or leave open on screen for scanning

Finding the Admin QR Code PIN

  1. Go to Setup > On-site > Attendance Settings

  2. Locate the "PIN" in the 'Admin QR Code' panel (PIN only appears after admin QR code has been generated)

  3. Make note of the PIN as it will be entered in the app

Linking event using 'Admin QR Code'

  1. Open the EF Attendance app on your device

  2. Tap "Settings" in the top left (if "Settings" does not open straight away)

  3. Scan the "Admin QR Code" 

  4. Enter the "PIN"

Revoke Admin QR Code PIN

At any time, you can revoke the 'PIN' for the 'Admin QR Code'. All devices using this code will be immediately disconnected from the event. This may cause the loss of information that is in the process of being synchronized.

  1. Go to Setup > On-site > Attendance Settings

  2.  Select "Revoke..." in the 'Admin QR Code' panel

  3. Select "Yes" to confirm (the PIN will be removed)

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