The "Happening Now" module within your event app will automatically display any sessions that are currently taking place. The app uses your session dates - and times to show sessions ongoing at the time the module is viewed by an attendee. 

This is most useful when attendees are on-site as opposed to before the event starts. Prior to the event, nothing will appear in the "Happening Now" module.

Enabling the 'Happening Now' module

  1. Select the "Design Manager & Theme" from the MCM dashboard
  2. Locate the "Happening Now" module
  3. Click on the "eye" icon to enable
  4. Click "Save & Finish"

Read more about enabling and disabling modules in the MCM.

Viewing ‘Happening Now’ as an attendee

Once the ‘Happening Now’ module has been activated in the MCM, no further setup is needed. As long as you have sessions in the event app, they will automatically appear in “Happening Now” when the session starts.

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