PayPal Payflow ("Payflow") is a secure payment gateway. Eventsforce only supports Payflow in the US and Canada. If you want to accept payments in Canadian dollars (CAD), it is important to configure your PayPal Payflow account settings to accept Canadian dollars (CAD). The specific account type needed is "Paypal Payflow Link".

In order to accept online credit card payments via the Paypal payment gateway, the “Paypal Payflow” gateway must be included as part of your Eventsforce license. For more information, please contact your account manager or

Obtaining PayPal Payflow Credentials

Once you have set up your PayPal Payflow account, you will need to log into PayPal Manager and ensure your configuration matches the settings in the screenshots below. When your PayPal account is created, you should be provided with the following credentials:

  • Partner
  • Merchant Login
  • User (optional)
  • Password

PayPal Payflow Configuration

When you log in to the PayPal Manager, go to “Service Settings” at the top of the screen:

Select "Hosted Checkout Pages", then click “Set Up”:

Configure your Paypal manager settings to match the screenshot below. The "Transaction Process Mode" will depend on your stage of the event build (use "Test" mode during event creation and testing). Key settings are highlighted:

PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal Express Checkout is NOT supported by Eventsforce. We recommend disabling both "PayPal Express Checkout" as well as "PayPal Credit". Attendees will still be able to complete payment through PayPal using a standard credit card.

Billing/Shipping Information

Depending on the information you require for payments, you can make certain fields "required" and/or "editable". By default, all fields appear on the PayPal payment page, but are not required. The fields will not be editable by default as it uses the same data entered during registration. 

If all fields are left deselected above, your PayPal payment page will appear similar to the below:

Payment Confirmation and Silent Post for Data Transfer

The "Payment Confirmation" and "Silent Post for Data Transfer" sections must be set up exactly as they are pictured below. The "Show confirmation page" option in PayPal should have "On my website" selected as this ensures your attendees are shown the Eventsforce receipt page. The "Return URL Method" should be set to "GET". The "Use Silent Post" settings should be switched to "Yes". This setting is very important to ensure attendees are sent back to Eventsforce after successful payment.

Email Confirmation & Security Options

With PayPal, we recommend setting "Do you want us to confirm payment by email?" to "No". As registration confirmation emails are sent from Eventsforce, attendees likely do not require a second confirmation email from PayPal.  

You can also choose to enable a "Payment confirmation email" in Eventsforce (Communications > Emails > Automatic) which is sent automatically for each confirmed payment.

Your security options for "AVS" and CSC" should both be set to "Full" for strongest security. The setting for "Enable Security Token" should be set to "Yes".

Customize Your Page

Within your PayPal Manager, go to Service Settings. Under "Hosted Checkout Pages", click “Customize”.

You can customize how your Paypal payment page is shown to attendees by adjusting your page layout. There are two options recommended for Eventsforce, Layout A and Layout B. If changing the layout, be sure to click "Save and Publish" in PayPal, in addition to carrying out front end testing in Eventsforce.


  1. PayPal Payflow only supports one currency in each event.
  2. We do not support PayPal Express Checkout or PayPal Credit.

Test credit card numbers

Click here to view the test credit card numbers provided by Paypal. 

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