Once the Eventsforce Kiosk product has been added to your Eventsforce account, you will need to adjust the roles for users who should be able to access this functionality and add the Eventsforce Kiosk pages. The user role controls which Eventsforce pages a user can access. 

The following functions should be added to the role for users who need to access Eventsforce Kiosk pages:

  • Analytics (Setup > On-site > Analytics)
  • Badge Design (Setup > On-site > Badge Design)
  • Kiosk Settings (Setup > On-site > Kiosk Settings)

Editing a user role

Editing a user role will affect all users that role is assigned to. You may need to edit multiple user roles to update all users and give access to on-site features. Take the steps below to edit a user role:

  1. Go to System settings > Security > Roles
  2. Click to “Edit” the user role you want to update
  3. Change the "Show" dropdown to "All" to view all functions
  4. Click the ‘Menu item’ column to sort by this value (helps to get all three functions together)
  5. Hold ‘CRTL’ or ‘Command’ and select all three of the Eventsforce Kiosk related functions (Analytics, Badge Design, and Kiosk Settings)
  6. Click the "Tools" dropdown and click "Activate..."
  7. Click "Save" once all functions have been added

Note: The user may need to log out and log back in before they can access the new pages.

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