After reviewers have been added to your event, they will need to be given access to abstracts to review. Reviewer access can be assigned in two ways:

  1. Assigning reviewers to topics
  2. Assigning reviewers to individual abstracts

Assigning reviewers to topics will allow the reviewer to view and grade all abstracts within the assigned topics. 

Assigning reviewers to individual abstracts requires an event manager to manually select which abstracts the reviewer can access and grade. 

It is possible to use a combination of these reviewing options. For example, Reviewer A can have access to all abstracts within two topics, while Reviewer B has access to three individual abstracts, no topics. 

Assigning reviewers to topics

Assigning reviewers to topics is the default configuration for abstract events. You can follow the steps below to assign reviewers to abstract topics:

  1. Go to Abstracts > Setup > Topics
  2. Click "Edit' against the topic you would like to assign reviewers to
  3. Under 'Reviewers Access Rights for Abstracts', select a reviewer from the 'Select person to add from this list' and click "Add"
  4. If reviewers need to removed, select the reviewer from 'These people have access rights' and click "Remove"
  5. Once confirmed, click "Save"

Assigning reviewers to individual abstracts

In order to assign reviewers to individual abstracts, you must first enable this functionality in your event:

  1. Go to Abstracts > Setup > Settings
  2. In the ‘Reviews’ panel, select “Assign reviewers to individual abstracts”
  3. Click “Save”

Once the setting is enabled, event managers can assign reviewers to abstracts by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Abstracts > Management > Submissions
  2. Double click or select the ‘edit’ icon for an abstract
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Abstract Reviewers’ area
  4. Select the reviewers from the right hand side who should have access to this abstract
  5. Click “Add” to add them to the left hand side (People with access rights)
  6. Click “Save” in the top left
  7. Repeat steps 1-7 for additional abstracts
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