When publishing abstracts on your website, the agenda page designates an area to the left of the abstract data for abstract times. If you’ve specified abstract times when adjusting the session running order, these times will appear on your agenda. View an example below:

If you are not going to be adding start and end times for each individual abstract, the space will remain along the left hand side of your abstracts. View an example below:

We can remove the extra space designated for abstract times by adding some CSS to our website template. 

Note: Issues caused by adding CSS are not supported by Eventsforce. Event managers are responsible for managing and troubleshooting CSS code added to their website.

Removing abstract times with CSS

  1. Go to Website > Design > Appearance
  2. Scroll down and select the box to “Use custom CSS”
  3. Copy and paste the following code into your CSS text area, then click “Save”
.ef-time-span {

display: none;


Once the CSS has been updated, the designated area on your agenda page for “abstract times” will be hidden. View a comparison below:

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