Before abstracts can be displayed on your website, you must have already linked abstracts to sessions. You may also choose to assign a session running order for abstracts and enter abstract times. Keep in mind that sessions do not appear on your website’s agenda until they are “published”. Learn how to publish sessions

Event managers have the ability to display submitted abstracts within sessions on the program of their events. The abstracts will appear on the agenda housed within the session they are linked to, allowing you to display information such as the abstract author, author organization, and the abstract presentation times. In addition to these details, attendees can click the abstract name to view the full abstract text along with any uploaded files.

Note: You may choose to keep sessions in the “Draft” status, allowing you to preview your agenda and see how the abstracts will appear prior to publishing. 

Displaying abstracts on the website

When ready, you can publish abstracts on the website by taking the steps below:

  1. Go to Abstracts > Setup > Settings
  2. Scroll down to the 'Website' section and select the checkbox to ”Publish abstracts on the website”
  3. Adjust any other display settings in this panel accordingly
  4. Click “Save”

Viewing your agenda

If sessions are published, you can test your event and view the “Agenda” page. 

If sessions are in the "draft" status, you can preview your agenda before publishing. 

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