In an effort to meet PSD2 regulations enforced by the European Commission, we’ve added a new version of the Stripe payment gateway called “Stripe SCA”. 

Stripe SCA is the latest generation of payment gateway, enabling both secure transactions and the adoption of two factor authentication. Unlike the previous version of the gateway, card details are captured within an area on the basket page. If the card issuer requires two factor authentication, this is displayed in a popup. 

In live mode, Stripe dynamically determines when a particular transaction requires authentication based on regional regulations such as “Strong Customer Authentication”.

How to use Stripe SCA

If you have been using the original integration “Stripe”, transitioning over to the new gateway is easy. Take the steps below to convert to the “Stripe SCA” version of the gateway:

  1. Go to Setup > Finance > Payment Methods

  2. Select “Stripe SCA” as your payment gateway 

  3. The values for Publishable key", "Secret key", "Organization name" and "Description" will all be copied over for that event

  4. Click “Save”

What changes can I expect?

Attendees will now be asked to enter card details directly on the basket page of your event. Previously, attendees would enter card details in a popup generated by Stripe.

If the card issuer requires two factor authentication, this will be displayed in a popup. Only attendees from the EU will be asked for authentication. 


  • The “payment details page” for credit card payments cannot be activated when using Stripe SCA

  • The ability to “Save details as a Stripe customer” is no longer available with Stripe SCA. The new PSD2 regulations prevent the storing of card details. Each time a payment is made, the attendees will be asked to enter card details in full and authenticate the payment.

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