Our “Getting Started - Abstract” video series is designed to teach you how to build and manage an abstract event. We suggest viewing these videos in the following order:

  1. What is an abstract?
  2. Abstract setup 
  3. Abstract testing (current article)
  4. Review setup
  5. Managing submissions and reviews
  6. Program creation process

This “Abstract testing” video will walk you through how to test your abstract event before going live. Use the chapters to jump around the video as needed. The functionality/actions covered in the video are listed in more detail below the video:

Functionality/actions covered: Add abstract pages to menu, Abstract submission login page, Website addresses, Test abstract process, Submitter details page, Create an abstract, Enter abstract submission details, Use submitter as the main author, Adding co authors, Add abstract text, Upload supporting files, Abstract sections, Abstract submission preview, Submit abstract, Abstract submitted page

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