A "sandbox" is an Eventsforce account that can be used for testing, training, or analyzing data without affecting your main account. All Eventsforce accounts come with their own corresponding sandbox account by default.

The sandbox account runs independently of the live account. Events and data created and collected in the sandbox account cannot be transferred over to the live account. 

Key considerations

Since the sandbox account and live account are separate, it’s important to keep the following things in mind:

  • It is important to mirror changes in your main account to your sandbox account. These may include settings, database items, document and badge templates, and custom website templates
  • Users need to be set up for your sandbox account. If you are already an Eventsforce user and cannot access the sandbox, you should contact your primary administrator to add a new user
  • If you are using custom templates in your main account and would like to have them in your sandbox, please contact Eventsforce support to have them added to your sandbox account.

Sandbox limitations

Unlike the ‘live’ account, there are some limitations and restrictions that apply to the sandbox account. We’ve listed some restrictions below:

  • Email sending is disabled in the sandbox account. This means you can safely test emails and invitations without them going outside the sandbox. The contents of emails 'sent' in your sandbox can be viewed in the log under Communications > History
  • If you are using SSO, this will not be active in your sandbox
  • You cannot copy events between your sandbox and live accounts
  • You cannot move data directly between your sandbox and live accounts
  • You cannot reset your sandbox

How to login to your sandbox account

Take the URL for accessing the live account and add “-sandbox” after your account name (the part after “eventsforce.net/”). Please see example below:

Live account URL:

Sandbox account URL:

Note: Eventsforce recommends bookmarking the sandbox account URL (as well as the live account URL) for quicker access going forward.

Getting an error?

Reach out to Eventsforce support or your account manager for assistance.

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