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How to email award judges with incomplete reviews
How to email award judges with incomplete reviews

Learn how to email award judges with incomplete or not started reviews.

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In an awards event that uses award judges, event managers will create judge panels and invite judges to begin reviewing award entries. As the judging process ensues, event managers may want to email award judges who have “incomplete” or “not started” reviews and remind them to complete reviews and reiterate any deadlines. 

Event managers should first create an ad hoc email that will contain the information to provide to judges. Eventsforce recommends including the “personal award judge link” in the ad hoc email, or a link to the award judges login page if personal links are not used. Once the email is created, the “Judging Overview” page will be used to send the emails.

Note: An email will be sent to each ‘incomplete’ or ‘not started’ review. If a judge has more than one incomplete or not started review, they will receive multiple emails. Alternatively, event managers can send an ad hoc email to all “award judges” asking them to check their incomplete reviews.

Emailing judges with incomplete reviews

Event managers can use the ‘Judging Overview’ page to locate ‘incomplete’ and ‘not started’ reviews, then use the tools on the page to send an email per review. The filters on the ‘Judging Overview’ page only allow for one status to be viewed at a time. Event managers can filter to “Incomplete” reviews and send an email, then repeat the steps for “Not Started” reviews.

Once an ad hoc email has been created and test, follow the steps below to send an email to each ‘incomplete’ reviews:

  1. Go to Awards > Management > Judging Overview

  2. Adjust the filters to view “All” categories, “All” judges and “Incomplete” reviews

  3. Click “Search”

  4. Adjust the number of items on the page at the very bottom to ensure all reviews appear on one page

  5. Select “All” in the top left of the review list to select all reviews

  6. Click “Email” at the top

  7. Select the ad hoc email to send

  8. Click “Proceed” to send the email

Note: The email preview screen will show how many people will be emailed. This does not  reflect the total number of emails to be sent. A single reviewer may receive 5 emails if they have 5 incomplete reviews. 

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