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How to mark database items as PII (Personally Identifiable information)
How to mark database items as PII (Personally Identifiable information)

Learn how to classify registration questions as PII for GDPR purposes.

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Eventsforce offers tools for organizations to manage their data retention policy and meet GDPR regulations. By default, Eventsforce has identified specific database items as PII (Personally identifiable information) fields. The default fields can be found on the System settings > Security > GDPR (Data Protection) page.

As event managers create additional database items within events, some of those database items may be considered PII fields. To ensure all PII fields get anonymized, event managers need to edit the database items in the system settings and enable the “Personally identifiable information” setting.

Note: For more information on which database items should be considered personally identifiable information (PII), please contact your data manager.

Marking database items as 'PII' (Personally identifiable information)

Once the database items are created in the event, the event manager must edit the database item at the system level by doing the following:

  1. Go to System settings > Database > Database Items

  2. Locate the database item by typing the name and selecting on the left hand side OR searching using the dropdown box

  3. Locate and select the “Personally identifiable information” checkbox

  4. Click “Save” in the top left

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