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How to report on PII (personally identifiable information) database items
How to report on PII (personally identifiable information) database items

Learn how to report on which database items are PII (personally identifiable information).

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Eventsforce offers tools for organizations to manage their data retention policy and meet GDPR regulations. Part of this process is marking database items as PII (personally identifiable information). Once database items have been updated, event managers can run a report to show which database items are marked as “PII”.

Reporting on PII database items

Event managers can create a report that shows all database items within their account, and identify which items are marked as “PII”. If required, a filter can be added to just show “PII” fields.

Take the following steps to build a report showing personally identifiable information fields:

  1. Go to Reports > Reports

  2. Add a new report and select the "Database items" data source

  3. (Optional) Add the following filter: Is Personally Identifiable Information > is equal to > Yes

  4. Choose how to sort your data (example: Description)

  5. Add the columns you want to report on (example: Description, Creation Date/time, Is Personally Identifiable Information)

  6. Click “Next” until the report is finalized

Note: The filter in steps #3 is not required. If the filter is excluded, the report will return all database items in the account (including those which are not PII).

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