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Migration of API domain, December 2020
Migration of API domain, December 2020

Learn more about a forthcoming change to the Eventsforce API

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Eventsforce is committed to providing the best possible technical infrastructure to support client integrations. This means we are making changes to the Eventsforce API which involves migrating it from the domain "" to "".

After the end of December 2020, API requests to the domain "" will no longer work. This has the potential to disrupt integrations with the Eventsforce platform.

API users and keys will continue to work, but external systems must GET, POST and PATCH to the new domain "". The change will affect both Live and Sandbox accounts.

For example, an integration getting a list of events through the URL must now use

You can make this change at any time but it must be completed by December 2020.

If you are unsure if this affects you, we advise you to contact the relevant technical resource in your team regarding your integration. If you have any questions or require any more information, please contact your Eventsforce account manager.

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