For image buttons to work with search engine optimisation they must be saved to create actual files rather than remaining as instances on the database.

Note: This can only be achieved using Mozilla Firefox.

Making buttons SEO compatible

  1. Rollover the pencil and paper icon for your button and select "Edit"
  2. Right-click the button and select "Save Image As…"
  3. Name and save the file
  4. While still in the 'Edit Image Item' page click "Upload Image"
  5. Browse to search for your file, select it and click "Upload File"
  6. Click "OK". The actual image file will now be uploaded and renamed in "File Name:"
  7. If you have a mouse-over button, repeat steps 1- 6 above on this button
  8. Click "Save"

If you have any scrolling text on your web pages the same steps apply to make them SEO compatible.

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