Attendees accessing the VCD event may also belong to an exhibiting company at the event. Event managers can link an attendee to an exhibiting company, giving that attendee access to the exhibitor profile.

Attendees can switch from their personal attendee profile to the exhibitor profile and manage the profile as needed. Allowing exhibitors to manage their own profile ensures the most up to date exhibitor information is included.

Note: Please contact your virtual delivery content manager for assistance linking an attendee to an exhibiting company.

Editing exhibitor profile

Attendees who are also affiliated with an exhibiting company can access and manage the exhibitor profile by taking the following steps:

  1. Login to the VCD as an attendee
  2. In the top right, click the dropdown labeled “Hi, {{firstname}}”
  3. Click the exhibitor company name
  4. Click “Edit Profile” to update information such as company overview, company logo, interests/tags, and website links
  5. Click “Save” when done
  6. Navigate the VCD as an exhibitor and take actions such as manage meeting requests, send messages, and view leads

Note: To return back to the attendee’s personal profile, click the dropdown in the top right showing the company name, then select the attendee’s name.

Creating meetings

Within the VCD event, exhibiting companies can receive meetings requests from attendees. A meeting with a company is separate from a meeting with an individual attendee. Exhibitors can also login to their Exhibitor profile and send meeting requests to attendees directly.

If an exhibiting company has multiple contacts, the company can decide who will participate in the meeting. Meetings can include one or multiple exhibitor contacts.

Note: A meeting with a company will show the company name as the participant on the “My Schedule”

Accessing leads

When an attendee “favorites” an exhibitor company, that attendee is added as a “Lead” for that company. Exhibitors can access their leads by logging in to the exhibitor profile, then visiting the “Leads” menu page.

Note: Leads cannot be exported from the VCD dashboard. Currently, exhibitors can use their list of leads to request meetings and send messages.

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