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How can exhibitors/sponsors manage their company profile in the VCD or App Website?
How can exhibitors/sponsors manage their company profile in the VCD or App Website?

Learn how companies can login to the VCD and build their own profile.

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Attendees accessing the VCD event or App Website may also belong to an exhibitor/sponsor company. Event managers can link an attendee to a company, giving that attendee access to their company profile to add assets, view leads, and manage meeting requests. Multiple attendees can be linked to a single company.

Attendees can switch from their personal profile to the company profile and manage the company profile as needed. Allowing companies to manage their own profile ensures the most up to date information is used in your event.

Note: If using “Leads” with your event, companies can also access and export their leads from within the company profile.

This article will cover the following:

Editing the company profile

Attendees who are also affiliated with a company can access and manage the company profile by taking the following steps:

  1. Login to the VCD or App Website (if associated with a company, the attendee may immediately land on the company profile, if not, proceed with step #2)

  2. In the top right, click the dropdown labeled “Hi, {{firstname}}”

  3. Click the company name

  4. Click “Edit Profile” to update information such as company overview, company logo, interests/tags, and website links

  5. Click “Save” when done

  6. Navigate as a company contact and take actions such as manage meeting requests, send messages, and view leads

Note: To return to the attendee’s personal profile, click the dropdown in the top right showing the company name, then select the attendee’s name.

Adding assets

Assets are items such as documents (ex: PDFs), photos, YouTube videos, links (ex: link to company website), HTML videos, and mp3 files. Companies can add assets that will be available to anyone viewing their company profile. Each asset can have a unique thumbnail and asset name.

Take the following steps to add assets to a company profile (consider ‘Note’ below):

  1. Switch to the company profile using the dropdown in the top right corner

  2. Visit the “Assets” page

  3. Choose the type of asset to be added along the left hand side

  4. Add the asset details on the right hand side (some assets require URLs while other require upload)

  5. Click “Save”

  6. Repeat until all assets are added

While only three assets will appear on the page, if more assets are added, attendees can click an arrow on the right hand side to view more assets:

Note: Assets cannot be re-ordered once added. The most recent asset added will appear first (furthest left) in the list.

Viewing and sending meeting requests

Within the VCD, App, or App Website, companies can receive meetings requests from attendees. A meeting with a company is separate from a meeting with an individual attendee. Company contacts can also login to their company profile and send meeting requests to attendees directly.

All pending and confirmed meeting requests can be found on the “Meetings” page when logged into the company profile.

If a company has multiple contacts, the company can decide who will participate in the meeting. Meetings can include one or multiple company contacts.

Accessing leads

When an attendee “favorites” a company (selects ‘+’ against that company), that attendee is added as a “Lead” for that company. Companies can access their leads by logging in to the company profile, then visiting the “Leads” menu page. By default, companies can only access the attendee’s name and information available on the attendee profile.

Note: If “Leads” have been purchased as an add-on for your event, companies will have the added ability to export leads which will include the attendee’s name and phone number. Please speak to your CSM for more information.

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