Event managers can use the “Attendees” feature in the VCD to manage their list of attendees, reset passwords, and check the user’s status.

Using the attendee list, event managers can search for a user and take any of the following actions:

  • Edit Account - edit the name, or email of an attendee

  • Edit Notifications - change the notification settings for the attendee

  • Edit Profile - edit the attendee’s VCD profile on behalf of the attendee

  • Force Invite - send an invitation to the user by email

  • Change Membership - change membership type/attendee category of an attendee

  • View Membership Actions - view recorded history of changes to membership

  • Reset Password - manually reset the password for an attendee

  • Send Message - send an email message directly to an attendee

  • Switch to User - login to the VCD as that attendee to see what they would see

  • Remove User - remove user from VCD list to prevent access going forward, only use if removal is permanent

  • Lock User - lock a user, preventing them from accessing the VCD event

Note: To lock a user, select the attendee’s name from the “List” screen, then select “Lock” on the left hand side.

Attendees statuses

Each attendee in the list will have two statuses assigned to their profile. While event managers can use these statuses to better understand which actions an attendee has taken, they are mostly used by the VCD account manager for troubleshooting. Event managers may find these statuses beneficial to determine if someone had a VCD invite sent. A brief description of each status is below:

  • Loaded = attendee has been loaded into the VCD event from Eventsforce, but have not yet activated their profile, has not been invited

  • Unactivated = attendee’s email has been used in another VCD event but have not accessed this event, has not been invited

  • Activated = attendee has logged into the VCD event successfully

  • Invited = attendee has been invited to the VCD event but not yet logged in

  • Reminded = invited and reminded but not logged in yet

Managing attendees

Each of the possible actions that can be taken by an event manager are explained in brief detail above. Event managers can access the list of attendees and take actions by doing the following:

  1. Login to VCD admin portal as an event manager

  2. Go to Attendees > List

  3. Click on an attendee’s name OR use the icon on the right hand side (...) to access dropdown of actions

  4. Select an action to take

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