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Learn how to customize the appearance of your Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing website.

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Eventsforce makes it easy to create a stunning website for your event, which is also mobile-friendly. Simply upload an event banner, choose your color scheme, pick a font, and your website is ready!

Want to use your own website? Eventsforce offers a WordPress plugin that embeds your registration process into your WordPress website(s). For more information, view our article, "How to embed your event in WordPress."

This article will cover the following:

Website layout

Eventsforce websites are “responsive” by default, meaning the content automatically adjusts for viewing on mobile devices. Websites consist of four areas:

  • Menu bar: Appears on all pages of the website

  • Event banner: Appears on all pages of the website (size reduced during registration)

  • Body: Content unique to the page being viewed

  • Footer: Appears on all pages of the website

Below is a diagram of the website page areas:

Customizing the website appearance

Event managers can customize and style their website by changing its appearance. Customizations include changing website colors and text styles.

To access the website appearance:

  1. Go to Website > Content

  2. Use the editor on the left to change colors, fonts and the website favicon

There are four colors used on the website, which are customizable:

  • Color 1: Used as primary color within default email templates, system emails, and for primary buttons (ex: Proceed, Complete Registration, Save, Accept Invite)

  • Color 2: Used as the secondary (hover over) color for secondary buttons (ex: Cancel)

  • Color 3: Used as the primary color for expand/collapse arrows and secondary buttons (ex: Cancel)

  • Color 4: Used as the secondary (hover over) color for primary buttons

Using custom CSS (advanced)

For Eventsforce users proficient with CSS, Eventsforce offers an area for ‘custom CSS’ to customize the website further. Please note that Eventsforce does not support CSS. Any CSS added must be managed and tested by the event manager.

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