Uploading and Editing VCD Assets

Viewing and editing assets for attendees, companies, sessions, and content from your VCD admin

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In this article, we will cover how to load and edit assets for attendees, companies, sessions, and content hub listings.

What is an Asset?

Assets are various digital objects that can be associated with an attendee, a company, a listing in your content hub, or a session. These can include various links and file types. Attendees and company contacts can load assets directly to their profiles.

Assets display in a horizontal slider three at a time, with the last asset added to the furthest left and the first asset to the furthest right. There is a 25 MB limit on asset uploads.

Loading Assets

Log in to your account. If you would like to load assets to your personal profile, make sure that the top right hand menu says "Hi "name". If you'd like to load assets to your company profile, click that same menu and select your company name instead.

Click the "Asset" link on the main menu.

To load an asset, first select what type of asset you are loading from the list:

  • Documents: can be used to load a file directly, most commonly PDF or Word, but not limited to those two.

  • Photos: for photo format uploads such as JPG and PNG

  • YouTube: Specific to youtube videos, this type of asset will automatically create a thumbnail of the video. Please note that you must use the URL from the YouTube “share” option (http://youtu.be/YourVideo)

  • Videos: Link to a HTML5 video source -- not a streaming service

  • Links: Link to anywhere

  • Audio: Link to an MP3 file

Each asset may ask you for slightly different information depending on what type of asset you are creating, but in general you will need:

  • Title: What you put here will appear as an overlay on the front end and can be anything from the actual title of an abstract to “Click here to view the video.”

  • Your File: For assets that require a file to be loaded (Document and Photo), click “Choose File” to browse your computer for the file you’d like to upload.

  • Link: for assets that require a link (Link, Videos, YouTube, Audio), this is the URL of the media.

  • Thumbnail (optional): Enter the URL of an image that you would like to appear as the thumbnail for this media. YouTube and Photo Assets will automatically generate thumbnails unless you specifically enter something else. Other media will show with a generic thumbnail unless one is linked here.

  • For video formats you can also choose a height and width for playback.

Once you have entered all the information, click “Add.”

Use the list of asset types to see assets loaded under each type. You can use the “Edit” option next to any asset to make changes in the future.

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