Importing and Exporting Your VCD Data

Importing and exporting your Attendees, Companies, Content Hub materials, and Sessions

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When it is easier than manually adding content, you can upload a csv spreadsheet of data to populate your Attendees, Companies, Content Hub, or Agenda. In this article, we’ll walk through importing this data and how to export the existing data. You can also export the current data, make changes, and re-import it.

Import Your Data to the VCD via CSV

You can import your data using the following templates (click to download):

Note: You can also download the sample files/templates directly from each of the import pages.

Open the template in the spreadsheet editor of your choice. For our demo images, we’ve used Google spreadsheets, but you can use Excel or any other spreadsheet editor that can export to csv (comma separated values). To fill out the sheet and prepare it for import, please see the following steps:

  1. Delete the sample data from the sheet

  2. Fill in the required fields at minimum, and any additional fields

  1. Delete the instructions from the sheet so that they are not imported as part of the data

  2. Save the sheet as a CSV (comma separated values) file

  1. Navigate to the Import menu (Attendees > Import, Sessions > Import, Companies > Import, or Content Hub > Import)

  2. Click “Choose File” and select your .csv file.

  3. Click “Import”

If your CSV’s headers match exactly what the system is looking for, you’ll get the message above that the document is being imported. If there is any question, you will instead be taken to a screen where you can align column based on where you want the data to import:

Note: Blank fields will not overwrite the information currently in the VCD. If you want a field to be erased but not replaced with something else, you’ll need to make the change manually in the VCD admin.

Once your CSV file has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation that the process is complete. If there are any errors with your upload, you’ll also receive a spreadsheet with those issues. If you have any questions about how to resolve them, please reach out to your CSM.

Exporting Data from the VCD

It can be useful to export your data from the VCD, especially if you need to make changes to multiple attendees, content hub items, companies, or sessions at the same time and want to edit the existing data.

To export your data:

  1. In your admin, navigate to the type of data you would like to export (For example, Attendees, Agenda, Content Hub, or Companies)

  2. Click “Export” in the secondary menu

  3. The exported CSV document will be emailed to you once it is complete. This can take just a moment for smaller lists of data or longer for larger ones.

Once you have your CSV, you can make any changes and reload it back to the system by following the Import process above.

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