24th October 2021

Offer invoicing rather than card payments

We have added the feature to offer the booker the option to request an invoice rather than requiring a card payment on initial registration. If you are running a paid event, on the financial settings page you can set this feature to offer the option of request an invoice, pay by card, or select from either.

Visible countdown timer when first registering

We have added to the initial registration experience a visible countdown timer. People booking ticket must complete their initial registration within the fixed time period of 15 minutes.

Import registrations

We have added a tool to the Attendees page to bulk import registrations. Attendees and their registration data can be imported into the event as single bookings. Using the import template and selecting a single person ticket for them. The importer is limited to 100 attendees at a time. No emails are automatically sent out on registration.

Browser Incompatibility warning

We have added a user warning message if a user attempts to access the event website or a registration with an incompatible browser. This increases security and prevents the user from getting an incomplete or broken experience.

3rd October 2021

Enter manual payments

We have added a new tool to the Orders page to process payments made outside of the card gateway Stripe. This tool can also be used to update Eventsforce of any refunds that have been issued. These are in the form of a negative payment.

Adding Discounts in the checkout + add tickets modal

We have added the ability for the booker to apply a discount after selecting tickets or when adding new tickets. It is only possible to use single discount code on each booking.

Bulk apply discounts to tickets

On the Admin Portal tickets page we have added the tool to bulk apply discounts to tickets. One or more discounts can be applied or removed from the selected tickets.

12th September 2021

Add YouTube videos to Decline page

It is now possible to add YouTube videos to the invitations Decline page.

Add "Ticket name" in Attendance Settings

It is now possible to add and therefore display the attendee’s ticket name within the EF Attendance app.

New Questions default to being Personally Identifiable Information

We have made all non-system questions added on the Attendee Details page default to being PII (Personally Identifiable Information). This can be overridden with the GDPR Administrator role function. Data from questions with this setting active is included in scheduled, individual and event anonymization.

Add attendee’s title into emails

We have added the merge tag “{{title}}” to the email editor. Any value entered for this system question will be merged into the email contents where this tag is used.

22nd August 2021

Progress indicators when booking a group

We have added a new design element to the initial registration when booking groups. The progress indicator reflects the innovative purchase first - names later registration journey. This is not shown in single booking or when amending a registration.

Import invitees from another event

We have made it possible to import people into the invitation list from another event.

Add email sending to the Attendance grids

It is now possible to send emails to attendees in an event based on which days or sessions they did or did not attend.

Add filters to Attendance>Days to work for walk-ins

We have added a new filter to the find walk-ins on difference days. This can be found on the Attendance > Days page.

Add modal views to Google Analytics

We now include modal views in the information made available to Google Analytics.

View or download the invoice from the invoice report

We have extended the hardcoded report of Invoices and credit notes by date to enable the downloading of the invoice/credit note/purchase receipt.

Search for an invoice

We have added the ability to search for an order by an invoice number. The invoice, credit note or purchase receipt number will find the order associated with it.

New chart Revenue Growth (All Events)

We have added a new chart to give an overview of revenue across all events.

1st August 2021

Email History page

We have added a new page to view sent emails and their contents. The Email History page is now available to all clients and includes event and date range filters. Emails are ordered with newest at the top.

Editing answer alternatives

It is now possible to edit answer alternatives in your event. Any registered attendees who had the original value will be updated to have the new value.

Invitees and groups

We are now preventing invitees from adding other attendees to their booking, and therefore creating a group. However, group bookings are still possible in the same event through the website ticket widget.

Declining an invitation

For new events we now offer the ability for the invitee to decline an invitation. There are updated invitation templates that include the new Decline button and link. If the invitee selects the decline button they are taken to a the Decline website page, where they can select the "Decline Invite" button to confirm their action. Declined invitees cannot be registered, emailed or removed from the invitation list.

Cancel order confirmation emails

We have a new System Email - Order cancellation confirmation. If active, this is sent out to the booker when the whole order is canceled by the event organizer. We have also added the new System Email - Registration cancellation notification. If active, this is sent out when an order is canceled or when an attendee is removed from a group booking. It is only sent to attendees that have previously been sent the email -Registration confirmation.

Canceled Attendees Report

We have a new report - Canceled Attendees (this event). This lists the attendees that have been removed from orders and those that were part of canceled orders.

Youtube video preview

We have removed the Youtube video player preview in the website editor. It is now possible to see the video content using the website preview only.

11th July 2021

Adding your agenda to a WordPress website

We have added a new shortcode to allow the publishing of the public agenda to a page on a WordPress website.

Audit of changes to orders

We have added a new report Orders Audit (this event). This gives a log of changes to orders.

20th June 2021

Cancel order tool

We are now allowing the cancelling of whole orders from the Orders page. This cancels all the attendees in the group, and marks the booking as an overpayment if any money has been paid.

Editing Invitees details

It is now possible to edit the basic information of an invitee on the invitation list page up to the point they register.

Copying email templates

We have added a tool to duplicate email templates on the Email templates page

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