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Product updates - Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing
Product updates - Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing
Learn more about the recent changes made to Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing and its features.
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02 June 2023

Add background image to content area block

Another great addition to the website build tools, you can now add an image to the background of a text block. Add a logo, a city skyline or anything else that fits your theme, your brand or your artistic style.

Make Invitation List scalable

Part of the larger project to make the Invitation list handle larger numbers of invitees, this change ensures that bulk tool options apply only to search results, ensures that we have a filter for the Attendee Category, Invitation Status and timestamp range.

Countdown timer content type

You'll now be able to add a countdown timer to your event microsite. Create a sense of excitement as the event date approaches! We have 2 styles to choose from; a more static version and a flip-style that adds a bit of animation to your site and is reminiscent of the old alarm clock in your parents' or grandparents' (or a certain product manager's) guest bedroom.

Discount code; breaking the tie

Before now, your delegates might have attempted to complete their registration only to find that someone else had utilized the last remaining discount(s). We can now ensure that a discount code will be accepted through to the end of your registration journey so long as the registration is confirmed before the applicable timer expires.

Quickly identify unregistered invitees

We're adding a Registration Status filter to the Invitations grid to help you quickly narrow your search results.

Add recently used colors to background color modal

To enhance the recently released ability to add a background color to a text block when building a microsite, we now display a selection of recently used colors to the modal. This helps you stay on brand quickly by keeping your recently used colors on hand.


We're enhancing our Zapier app to include the address field for attendees.

Bug fixed

"Waiting list full" warning may display when waiting lists are off

This fix provides the correct message to the booker when a session has reached capacity. We now have proper behavior with or without waitlist enabled.

12 May 2023

Add a background color to a text block

You can now add even more styling to your event microsite by adding a color to the background of your text blocks.

Retain row selection after bulk action on Invitations grid

Your selected rows remain selected after taking actions on the Invitations grid. This means that you no longer have to re-select rows after changing the email template. Now, your selections remain and you can proceed directly to taking another action. For example, after changing the template you can immediately go to send the emails to the same selected rows.

System emails are now visible

The system sends some administrative emails on your behalf. Even though these emails are not currently able to be viewed or edited, you can see that they exist and will see the number of emails sent. This will give you a better idea of the volume of email that your invitees receive.

21 April 2023

Use temporary basket for amendments for invoice payments

We have now enforced a temporary basket for registration amendments that include tickets when paying by invoice. This change displays a timer to complete the payment and save the priced item amendment.

Background report notification

We have added an option to check back later when running a report. This change allows you to run a report in the background, and a notification email will be sent to the admin user who originally ran the report. The notification email will only be sent if the user has not viewed the report 5 minutes after completion.

Move Session import options to the Session creation button

We have moved the session import and import template options from the “tool” button to the “plus” button.

Add Number Sent column to System Emails

We have added a “number sent” column to all System Emails so you can see how many emails have been sent for each system email.

Show Recipients and Opened emails in Campaigns

We have added a feature to the Recipients and Opened columns in Campaigns so that they are now clickable. This allows the admin user to click on the number of recipients or number of opened emails to view the specific emails that have been sent or opened for that particular campaign.

Add Timeout setting for Registration

We have added a feature to allow admin users to change the timeout amount for registrations. The setting can be found in Setup > Event > Properties, under Registration Settings. The default value of 15 minutes can be adjusted only when you have tickets with capacity.

Add Image button to Website Content page

We have added an additional content button to allow upload of images to the website. This allows the admin user to upload images with an accessibility label and a hyperlink behind the image to either an internal or external page.

19 February 2023

Google Analytics - Payment, Navigation Content and User information

We have added further information to the GA4 integration. These data points convey user event information about purchases, discounts, user types, modals and buttons. This information helps pool marketing conversion data so it can be used to manage campaigns and user journeys.

Standard Button Styling

We have updated the standard button styling on process pages to match those on the Session Selection, Agenda and custom buttons.

Disable Sending of Invoices, Credit Notes and Receipts

We have added a switch to the System Settings page to disable the attaching of invoices, credit notes and receipts to Order emails. This enables these documents to be created in an external system using the Eventsforce public API.

29 January 2023

Agenda and Session Selection design update

We have updated the design of the Agenda in the event website and registration process. This includes optimising positioning of action buttons and the inclusion of icons for presenters and locations. Overall, the agenda utilises the available space in a more compact way.

Groups+ Attendees can select free sessions

Attendees within a group in Groups+ mode can now view the session selection page within the registration journey. They can now select free-to-attend sessions in an event with priced sessions. These prices sessions must be selected on their behalf by the group booker.

Admin registration notification email

We have updated content of this email, and included a link to your account login page.

Hidden package tickets

We have add the option to make Package tickets Hidden. Whilst package tickets cannot be used for individual invitees, they can be hidden from the Ticket Selection page, and made only available through Click-to-book links.

4 column layout website content

We have added an additional layout option to the Multi-column content type in the Website content editor. The four column layout gives four equal width columns of where content can be added.

Groups+ invitation preview

We have included a new option for the group booker to preview the content of the invitation they can sent to members of their group. This is found on the invitations screen when amending a group invitation in Groups+ mode.

18 December 2022

Purchase Order setting

We have added a new financial setting to require bookers to enter a purchase order number when requesting an invoice. Using the setting will require the entering of a value in the booker details modal. We have also included the value as a new column in the hardcoded report Invoices and credit notes by date.

Group booking Invitations page

We have updated the group invitations page to include more information and a resend function. Group bookers can be more selective about who and when they invite others to take up a ticket in their booking.

Renaming columns in Insight Templates

We have added the option to rename columns in the output of a custom report. The value overrides that of the name in reports, and enables easier importing of data into other systems.

Location and Presenter pages

We have added a delete function to the pages Locations and Presenters. Deleting a presenter or a location will remove their association with any sessions.

Invitation List Import

We have changed the way data imported with an invitee is handled after registration. We will now clear data that does not make up the answers to visible or admin-only questions at the point of registration. If imported data is due to be used as a meta-property of the attendee, the corresponding question must be an admin-only question for the attendee’s category.

Sessions Import

We have extended the sessions importer to include columns for Day, Location and Capacity.

27th November 2022

Custom Insights and Reports

We are changing the way reporting works in Groups and Ticketing. We have renamed the page Reports to Insight Templates. Alongside the system reports we have added the ability to create custom insights in your account. These templates allow the filtering and output of data from your attendees and events.

16th October 2022

Group booking setting

We have introduced a new way of selecting the event type. On the Event Properties page there is now a new control, infographic and mode description. The default for newly created events is the Groups+ option that enables group organisers to invite their people to fill out their form.

Add a Google Map

We have extended the website functionality by adding a new content type Google Map. This accepts a standard Google Maps embed code. There are controls for size and alignment which override the standard settings from Google.

Buttons linking to internal pages

We have enabled a custom button to be linked to an internal page.

Custom Website Scripts

We have added the ability to add custom Javascript to the event website. This can be used by developers to activate compatible third-party tools within the microsite.

25th September 2022

Prices without tax

We have introduced for the US market the ability to display all prices without tax. Tax is only added at the checkout. This is an account default setting, but changeable on each event up until a price is set up.

Two-level menus

We have extending the website functionality by adding a second tier to the microsite menu. This additional navigation layer enables more pages to be linked from the website menu.

Dates written out in full

We have improving the way dates are displayed in the website and emails. We are no longer using numerical-only date formats but instead inserting day and month names. Date formats set in the website settings will continue to set the date numeral before or after the month value.

Force payment on amendment in Pay Now mode

We have activated a change to how amendments are handled in paid-for events. When amending an order, payment must be received in order to confirm the addition of paid-for items. These can be tickets, linked item tickets or sessions. Free items are added immediately. If paid-for items are removed as part of the same transaction only the outstanding balance is required.

Open links in your WordPress website

We have released a new Eventsforce WordPress plugin. Version 1.2 now opens all Eventsforce links within the parent WordPress website. A URL is required on the Website Settings page in order for all links to point to the WordPress website.

4th September 2022

Registration timer change

We have made a change to the registration timer. In events where there are no capacities on the event, tickets or sessions we are no longer displaying the timer. If the order is not completed within two hours, the system will reset.

In events with set capacities, initial registration must be completed within 15 minutes.

Action button styles

We have added to the content type ‘button’ additional styling options. These options change the look and size of the button.

14th August 2022

Add content to the Invitations and Confirmation pages

It is now possible to add content blocks to the Invitations page (top) and Confirmation page (bottom) within the event microsite.

Action button

We have added the content type ‘button’ to the website editor. This enables the placement of an action button within the microsite and for it to take the website button styling.

New Kiosk badge size

We have added a new kiosk badge size to the on-site kiosk. This badge is 4” x 3” and allows 5 lines of content and a QR code.

New Kiosk version 1.1.5

We have released a new version of the ‘EF Kiosk’ iPadOS app. Version 1.1.5 includes new test badges and a new 30 second minimum data sync time allowing newly registered or updated attendees to proceed more to quickly to check-in. The previous minimum data sync time was 60 seconds.

24th July 2022

Website Logo

It is now possible to add a brand logo to the event website. Combined with a clickthrough link enables visitors to journey to your main brand website.

Multi-column content

We have added a new content type “multi-column” when editing the event microsite. These add structure to your website and enable improved content layout on narrow-screen devices.

Booked Sessions report

We have added a new Groups & Ticketing hardcoded report "Booked Sessions (this event)". This combines session bookings with attendee data. Each row represents a session booking. Individual attendees can be repeated in multiple rows.

View and order with payments

We have added a tool to the Orders page. This displays the order details including all payments made against that order.


We have improved the way event microsite URLs are displayed on social media and other platforms by offering an ‘unfurled’ preview of the main website properties.

3rd July 2022

Admin Portal Login page

We have updated the login pages for the Admin Portal to incorporate a new look. This is also extended to some system admin emails and website footers.

12th June 2022

Website Favicon

You can now upload and crop an image to use as a website favicon. That is the small square image displayed in the browser tab and often used when sharing a link.

Email Presenters

Email Session Presenters

It is now possible to email presenters from the Presenter grid using an email template. Tags that are not specific to Orders or Attendees can be included in the content.

Order reference on the Summary page

We have adde the order reference to the Order Summary page. This enables the booker to reference her order whilst viewing or editing her order.

Adding tickets to Attendees using the API

We have added the ability for external systems to trigger the adding of tickets to an Attendee in an order via the API. The change also triggers the order update email and can cause an order to have an unpaid total.

Menu changes

We have simplified the admin portal menu and removed the Design > Appearance page from Groups & Ticketing. The functionality is now all included on the Website > Contents page.

Ticket visibility

We have changed the second setting on the ticket details page to better reflect how the ticket is made visible. The three options do exactly the same thing, but reflect the addition of linked item tickets and click-to-book links

Editing Kiosk banner images

We are adding the ability to upload any image size and crop it for the banner and footer images in the On-site Kiosk

Base URL for API access

We have included on the User Details page the base URL for your account. This value is needed when building integrations through Zapier or our Public API.

22nd May 2022

Linked Item Tickets

We have added the ability to link alternatives in dropdown questions to item tickets. Bookers can select these to add the linked item ticket to their booking. Attendees in group bookings must contact their group organizer to add these to their registration.

Appearance settings

We have moved the appearance settings to website contents sidebar. Any changes can be seen directly on the current website page that is being edited.

Edit session times after booking

We have removed some restrictions on sessions after they have been booked. The session start and end times and event day can be changed even after booking. Attendees can end up with booked session that now overlap, but if changed the blocking of booking concurrent sessions are then enforced.

1st May 2022

Session Waiting lists

We have released a feature to automatically manage waiting lists on sessions. They system will offer the option for users to select a place on the waiting list of each session that has exhausted capacity. When new capacity becomes available, this is automatically offered to the first people on the waiting list. The waiting list order can be managed, and the size the list limited.

Suppress Order Update Emails

We have changed the way order update emails are triggered. If the order change doesn’t update the price of the order, the changes are batched into one email and sent out 20 minutes after the last change. This prevents multiple emails being set to the booker when they or group attendees are making multiple changes to the one order.

Website appearance settings

We have added the appearance settings to the side menu in the Website contents page.

Click-to-book links for invitation-only tickets

We have extended the click-to-book links to work for invitation-only tickets. This enables the link to work for tickets that are not displayed in the ticket selection page.

10th April 2022

Change ticket tool

We have added to the new tool for event organisers to change the ticket for an attendee registered in package ticket. This includes changing an attendee to be part of a new package ticket

Attendee completed status for bookers

We have added a visual indicator to the attendees in a group booking to identify which people in a group have incomplete data.

20th March 2022

Change ticket tool

We have added a new tool for event organisers to change the ticket of an attendee registered in an event. From the Attendees page a single attendee can be moved into a new ticket type.

Read-only multiple choice and number questions

We have extended the ability to set read-only values to include the Multiple Choice and Number question types. This enables values to be set and locked for attendee categories or for invitees.

Rename and change behaviour of pre-populate answer in X5

We have renamed the pre-populate feature for question answers to ‘Default’. This more accurately reflects the more nuanced behaviour when using this feature. The system will now no longer replace a back the default answer if the value has been changed.

Bulk add/change session capacities

We have added the tool to add or change session capacities from the Sessions page. This can be done by selecting multiple rows and setting a new capacity with the Change Capacity tool. This bulk tool can also be used to stop bookings on the selected sessions.

27th February 2022

Click-to-book links

We have added a new route to book a specific ticket type. The click-to-book link is a URL specific to each ticket type. Alongside other ticket settings, these links can be used to direct customers to register in that ticket or package.

Event banner and presenter profile picture editing

We have added the ability to edit uploaded images. In both the event properties and on the session presenters pages the uploaded images can be both cropped and zoomed. This non-destructive editing ensures that the resulting image will fit the constraints of each context.

Venue Name

We added a new property to the Event Properties page. ‘Venue Name’ is an optional single-line text input and is available on the API in the Events resource.

Import multi-checkbox values

We have extended the invitee and attendee file importer to include multi-checkbox values. These values must be in a single cell separated by a pipe/vertical bar character - “|”.

Bulk apply labels to sessions

We have added a bulk action tool to the Sessions page to apply/remove one or more labels to a selection of sessions.

6th February 2022

Importing invitee information

We have changed the import template to allow the importing of registration question data for invitees. This enables the pre-population of most question types in the attendee details page.

Marking attendance for sessions

We have changed the recording of session attendance. We now allow this information to be captured for sessions that don't require booking, and, also for those that didn't book the session (walk-ins).

16th January 2022

EF Attendance app v2.2

We have changed the Eventsforce iOS app EF Attendance to work solely with event Admin QR codes. We have removed the events list and manual API input to improve security and usability.

Read-only questions

We added an option to most question types to have a read-only value set. This enables a set value for an attendee category or for a parent of dependent questions.

14th November 2021

Limit total number of attendees in a group

We have added a limit of 250 attendees in a group booking. This includes attendees in package tickets. This is also in addition to the limit of 100 ticket per ticket type.

24th October 2021

Offer invoicing rather than card payments

We have added the feature to offer the booker the option to request an invoice rather than requiring a card payment on initial registration. If you are running a paid event, on the financial settings page you can set this feature to offer the option of request an invoice, pay by card, or select from either.

Visible countdown timer when first registering

We have added to the initial registration experience a visible countdown timer. People booking ticket must complete their initial registration within the fixed time period of 15 minutes.

Import registrations

We have added a tool to the Attendees page to bulk import registrations. Attendees and their registration data can be imported into the event as single bookings. Using the import template and selecting a single person ticket for them. The importer is limited to 100 attendees at a time. No emails are automatically sent out on registration.

Browser Incompatibility warning

We have added a user warning message if a user attempts to access the event website or a registration with an incompatible browser. This increases security and prevents the user from getting an incomplete or broken experience.

3rd October 2021

Enter manual payments

We have added a new tool to the Orders page to process payments made outside of the card gateway Stripe. This tool can also be used to update Eventsforce of any refunds that have been issued. These are in the form of a negative payment.

Adding Discounts in the checkout + add tickets modal

We have added the ability for the booker to apply a discount after selecting tickets or when adding new tickets. It is only possible to use single discount code on each booking.

Bulk apply discounts to tickets

On the Admin Portal tickets page we have added the tool to bulk apply discounts to tickets. One or more discounts can be applied or removed from the selected tickets.

12th September 2021

Add YouTube videos to Decline page

It is now possible to add YouTube videos to the invitations Decline page.

Add "Ticket name" in Attendance Settings

It is now possible to add and therefore display the attendee’s ticket name within the EF Attendance app.

New Questions default to being Personally Identifiable Information

We have made all non-system questions added on the Attendee Details page default to being PII (Personally Identifiable Information). This can be overridden with the GDPR Administrator role function. Data from questions with this setting active is included in scheduled, individual and event anonymization.

Add attendee’s title into emails

We have added the merge tag “{{title}}” to the email editor. Any value entered for this system question will be merged into the email contents where this tag is used.

22nd August 2021

Progress indicators when booking a group

We have added a new design element to the initial registration when booking groups. The progress indicator reflects the innovative purchase first - names later registration journey. This is not shown in single booking or when amending a registration.

Import invitees from another event

We have made it possible to import people into the invitation list from another event.

Add email sending to the Attendance grids

It is now possible to send emails to attendees in an event based on which days or sessions they did or did not attend.

Add filters to Attendance>Days to work for walk-ins

We have added a new filter to the find walk-ins on difference days. This can be found on the Attendance > Days page.

Add modal views to Google Analytics

We now include modal views in the information made available to Google Analytics.

View or download the invoice from the invoice report

We have extended the hardcoded report of Invoices and credit notes by date to enable the downloading of the invoice/credit note/purchase receipt.

Search for an invoice

We have added the ability to search for an order by an invoice number. The invoice, credit note or purchase receipt number will find the order associated with it.

New chart Revenue Growth (All Events)

We have added a new chart to give an overview of revenue across all events.

1st August 2021

Email History page

We have added a new page to view sent emails and their contents. The Email History page is now available to all clients and includes event and date range filters. Emails are ordered with newest at the top.

Editing answer alternatives

It is now possible to edit answer alternatives in your event. Any registered attendees who had the original value will be updated to have the new value.

Invitees and groups

We are now preventing invitees from adding other attendees to their booking, and therefore creating a group. However, group bookings are still possible in the same event through the website ticket widget.

Declining an invitation

For new events we now offer the ability for the invitee to decline an invitation. There are updated invitation templates that include the new Decline button and link. If the invitee selects the decline button they are taken to a the Decline website page, where they can select the "Decline Invite" button to confirm their action. Declined invitees cannot be registered, emailed or removed from the invitation list.

Cancel order confirmation emails

We have a new System Email - Order cancellation confirmation. If active, this is sent out to the booker when the whole order is canceled by the event organizer. We have also added the new System Email - Registration cancellation notification. If active, this is sent out when an order is canceled or when an attendee is removed from a group booking. It is only sent to attendees that have previously been sent the email -Registration confirmation.

Canceled Attendees Report

We have a new report - Canceled Attendees (this event). This lists the attendees that have been removed from orders and those that were part of canceled orders.

Youtube video preview

We have removed the Youtube video player preview in the website editor. It is now possible to see the video content using the website preview only.

11th July 2021

Adding your agenda to a WordPress website

We have added a new shortcode to allow the publishing of the public agenda to a page on a WordPress website.

Audit of changes to orders

We have added a new report Orders Audit (this event). This gives a log of changes to orders.

20th June 2021

Cancel order tool

We are now allowing the cancelling of whole orders from the Orders page. This cancels all the attendees in the group, and marks the booking as an overpayment if any money has been paid.

Editing Invitees details

It is now possible to edit the basic information of an invitee on the invitation list page up to the point they register.

Copying email templates

We have added a tool to duplicate email templates on the Email templates page

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