How to test your event

Learn how you can test your event.

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There are multiple ways you can test your event website and registration process. You may want to test the end-to-end process as an attendee would see it or test as an administrator with the ability to edit.

This article will cover the following:

Note: When completing test registrations, don’t forget to cancel those orders to keep your data clean.

Test the registration process as an attendee

This is recommended if you want to test the registration process as an attendee would see it.

  1. Click the "Preview" button from the left navigation

  2. Select the tickets to book (if applicable)

  3. Proceed through the registration process

Note: The “Preview your website” icon will skip any website pages, bringing you to the ticket selection page by default. Click on the website pages in the menu bar to test as needed. If only one ticket exists, you will be taken directly to the attendee details page.

Sending yourself an invitation email

To test the complete end-to-end process an attendee may experience, you should send yourself an invitation email and register using the link in that email. To do this, check out our article “Creating and sending invitation emails”.

Allowing external users to test

You may need to send the website to your client to test. For someone not an Eventsforce user to test, the event must be made "Live" and the registration dates must be open. You can then provide the person with the ‘Event URL’:

  1. Go to Setup > Event > Properties

  2. Ensure the event status is “Live”, then click ‘Save’

  3. Click “Copy link” for the ‘Event URL’

  4. Send the copied link for testing

An alternative option would be to add your client to the invitation list and send a live invite to them only.

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