Expiring tokens (personal links)

Learn when personal (tokenized) links will expire.

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Eventsforce is changing the way event participants access their registration or submissions using tokenized personal links. This change is to keep attendee data secure. Events created on or after February 28th 2022 will have enhanced security of the attendee token links (personal links). Many of these links will now expire after a given period of time and require the user to authenticate using their email address.

This article will cover:

Token expiration lengths

There are three token lengths listed below, along with the Eventsforce tags that apply to each length:

  • Very short - used for password reset tokens and expire after 15 minutes

    • {{PasswordResetLink}}

  • Short - used for amendment links for an event and expire after 48 hours

    • {{PersonalAmendmentLink}}

    • {{PersonalAbstractSubmissionLink}}

    • {{PersonalAbstractReviewerLink}}

    • {{PersonalAwardsJudgeLink}}

  • Long - used for personal links within invitation emails and will expire after the Event end date/time

    • {{PersonalEventLink}}

    • {{PersonalRegistrationLink}}

Note: These personal links will not work for events with dates in the past. Learn how to postpone your event in our article: "How to reschedule or postpone an event".

What do I need to do?

Nothing! This change will automatically be implemented for events created on or after February 28th, 2022. This includes events created by duplicating an old event, the new event will have this functionality in place.

Attendees/user experience

If a user attempts to use a tokenized link after it has expired, they will receive the following message with an option to request a new link:

“Almost there… The link you are using has expired, we just need to email you a new one”

Once requested, Eventsforce will email the appropriate link based on the action the user was attempting to take (ex: register, amend, abstract review, etc).

The user can use the new link to access the event as intended.

Note: If the user does not click on the link within the allotted time and the link expires, they will be asked to request a new link.


Does this work for the cc email address?

The authentication is only possible with the main email address. Therefore authentication is not possible with a cc email address. Standard automatic emails will continue to be sent to any cc email address that has been entered.

Can I edit this email?

No. The content of the email cannot be changed. It has to enable access to a number of entry points in many different contexts. It should be noted that the verification uses two standard tags for ‘First name’ and ‘Event name’.

Can I edit the page “Almost there…”

No. This page is displayed in a number of contexts where the token has expired.

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