Importing registrations into an event

Learn how to import registrations into an event.

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Event managers can import registrations into a Groups & Ticketing event when attendees do not need to register themselves. Importing registrations can be achieved using our Excel import template.

This article will cover:

Note: Attendees are not automatically sent a confirmation email after a successful import.

Downloading the import template

The import template will include registration questions added to the attendee details page. Instructions on adding registration questions can be found in our support article, “Adding content to websites”.

Once questions have been added, the import template can be downloaded by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to People > Attendees

  2. Click the Spanner Icon and select “Download import template…”

For a registration to be valid, the import template will always contain and require the following columns:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email address

Additional registration questions will be listed as columns. It is recommended that event managers understand their registration forms well by knowing the exact answer alternatives and which questions are mandatory to populate the import template correctly.

Note: The import template does not include multiple-choice and file upload questions.

Importing registrations from a spreadsheet

Once the import template is populated with valid registrations and you have saved the file, the registrations can be imported by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to People > Attendees

  2. Click the Spanner Icon and select “Import attendees from Excel…”

  3. Select a ticket type for the attendees you are importing

  4. Select “Choose file…”

  5. Browse your computer for the file and select it

  6. A pop-up message will indicate how many records were successfully imported or how many records could not be imported

Note: Registrations can only be imported for one ticket type at a time. Separate imports are required for separate ticket types.

Resolving errors

When an import is complete, records without errors will be successfully imported, and only unsuccessful records will be provided in the failed records file. The failed records and their errors can be viewed by downloading the failed records file that appears as a link in the pop-up message - “Click here to download failed records”.

To prevent duplicates, it is recommended that event managers update and re-import the failed records file rather than the full spreadsheet.

  • Cells containing invalid data are marked in the error file as:

    • An asterisk (*) added to the start and end of the value (e.g. *invalid alternative*)

    • Or “**” if a cell is blank but requires a value

The following are some rules for importing registrations based on the type of registration questions:

  • Mandatory questions

    • Data is required for applicable records

    • File upload or multiple-choice questions that are mandatory will cause the import to fail

  • Checkbox questions

    • Blank value or “No” means “unchecked”

    • “Yes” means “checked”

  • Answer alternative questions

    • Data in a cell must match exactly the answer alternative provided on the registration form

  • Dependent questions

    • All dependent questions will be listed on the import template

    • Answers for dependent questions will only be imported for records that meet conditions

    • Dependent questions that are mandatory must be answered if conditions are met

  • Columns in template

    • Removing a column with a mandatory question will cause the import to fail

  • Capacity

    • If the ticket type runs out of capacity during the import process, the pop-up message will indicate that maximum capacity has been reached

    • The error file will list the records that were not imported but will not show any errors at this stage

  • Limit on rows

    • The import file can only import 100 attendees at once

    • The import will fail if the file includes more than 100 rows. No attendees will be imported

Sending a confirmation email to imported attendees

After successfully importing registrations, a confirmation email can be manually sent to attendees to confirm their registration.

Automatic confirmation emails are not sent to imported attendees. There is no option to send a system email, so a new template email containing the confirmation details specifically for imported attendees will need to be created.

Note: For more information on creating and sending emails, read our support article, “Creating and sending custom email templates”.

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