August 25, 2022 - Grid View Updates

We have updated the grid view option to make session tracks visually clearer.


Tracks are used to gather groups of like sessions, much the same way that membership types are used for attendees. Tracks are not equivalent to tags or labels as a session can only belong to one track at a time. Tracks are usually used to identify a specific segment of a conference, for example: if the conference is for education, you might have an elementary school track, a middle school track, and a high school track, as well as general sessions. Sessions in the elementary track would be of particular interest to educators involved with that age group. You might also have a virtual track and an in person track if your conference is hybrid, to separate any sessions that are specifically one or the other. Tracks also work as a way to filter sessions, as well as color coding them on the app.

The grid view is a way of viewing sessions on a calendar grid, and is particularly useful for viewing sessions in tracks. Using the grid view, you see one row of calendar items per track, color coded based on the color associated with the track:

Using the grid view allows a user to scroll through the sessions in each track and time slot for a better visual representation of the simultaneous topics. Clicking on a session will still take you to the details for that session, while hovering over it will expand it to show any information that is cut off by the length of the session in the view.

If your conference is virtual or hybrid, both time zones will display on the items in the grid view the same way that they do on the agenda page. These time zones are the time zone set in the conference settings and the time zone the browser is reporting the user’s computer is in.

The grid view is not available on mobile, but track color coding will show on the agenda page.

May 4, 2022 - iOS Bug Fix for Autofill Covering Email Sign In Field

Some users were experiencing an issue after recent iOS updates in which the autofill text box associated with the native keyboard would cover the email field on the login screen when signing into the app. The fix for this issue was deployed on May 4, and existing affected apps will be updated to the new version (33.2.5) as required to reflect the change.

Apr. 4, 2022 - Time Zone Localization for Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

We are pleased to announce the display of localized time zones for virtual and hybrid conferences. This update adds an additional time display to all sessions and meetings based on the local time zone of the machine accessing the site.

  • This change only affects hybrid and virtual conferences

  • This change does not affect the app as the app use case is on site, in person

Schedules will now display both time zones:

When scheduling a meeting, the user can select which time zone they wish to see times in, before or after selecting a time from the list:

Jan. 1, 2022 - Abstract Sort Order

We have updated the display order of abstracts associated with a session to be alphabetical on the session details page, instead of by date added. This does not change the "See all" link, which was always alphabetical.

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