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Linked Item Tickets

Learn how to link item tickets to registration questions in Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing.

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Linked item tickets are item tickets with a capacity and/or price that can be linked to an answer alternative to a registration question. Linked item tickets are best used when you have optional activities that bookers can select (for example: Would you like to purchase the event t-shirt?).

Item tickets can be linked to dropdown questions only. These questions cannot be mandatory, read-only or have a default answer.

This article will cover the following:

Creating an item ticket

  1. Go to Setup > Event > Tickets

  2. Click the Plus Icon to add a new ticket type

  3. Select an “Item Ticket”

  4. Add the ticket name, price and capacity

  5. Select the visibility of the ticket to be “hidden”

  6. Click “Save”

Note: If the event manager wants to show this ticket on the ticket selection page, the item ticket should be “shown in ticket selection”. If the event manager wants to hide this ticket on the ticket selection page, the item ticket should be "hidden”.

Linking an item ticket to a drop-down question

  1. Go to Website > Content > Website Pages

  2. Click the Plus Icon and add a new question

  3. Choose to add a new drop-down question type

  4. Add the question name

  5. Add the answer alternatives

  6. Edit the answer alternative requiring the item ticket

  7. Link to the correct item ticket

  8. Click “Save”

Note: In a group booking, linked item tickets without a price can be added by attendees, but linked item tickets with a price can only be added by the booker.

Stopping bookings for an item ticket

When capacity has been reached or bookings have been stopped by the event manager for a linked item ticket, the answer alternative will show that the ticket is now unavailable.

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